Visionary Leadership & Teams

Nate Saint


I am most passionate about seeing our company come up with new innovation and great products that serve our customers well – along with watching young designers grow in capability, skill, and maturity. I most enjoy the people here, the opportunity to design and the association with a great manufacturer. It's an important industry and one I have enjoyed working in for the past 35 years.

Jerry Ingraham

President & CMO

I come to work each day looking forward to discovering the next big idea. This is what we do and what drives me and the team. I have a diverse marketing and management background in various industries but after spending the past 25 years in the juvenile industry, I specialize in serving as the bridge between the market and the engineering team as we work closely together to create the best brands and the best products to meet consumer needs.

Curt Hartenstine

Chief Development Officer

I am energized by the challenges of the product development process and blending innovative design with solid engineering to create safe and reliable products. With over 24 years in design and engineering, I am passionate about working with talented teams that take ideas and turn them into industry changing products. I believe great product design requires intentional focused hard work and is a skill that you develop – it doesn’t just happen.

Ramona Rutherford

Vice President Of Human Resources

I have built my 20+ year career on a foundation of knowledge and experience gained in Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Legal, Finance, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and General Administration. My success is a direct result of the relationships, teachers and mentors who have invested in me along the way. It is my passion to pay that forward in all that I do, which translates to coaching colleagues for success and creating forward thinking business solutions.

Research Team

Specializing in consumer, primary and secondary research, this team operates in our full service facility developed for industry-advanced research methods that assist new parents in giving their candid feedback.

Design Engineer Team

At the core of Iron Mountains, the very robust and highly qualified design and engineering team leads the industry through constantly raising the bar of design, safety and excellence.

Fashion Team

Our softgoods experts specialize in durable fabrics and treatments that pair fashion with safety. They then apply these materials to the hardgoods, with cut and sew lines customized to each product and developed to enhance design and curb appeal.

Marketing Team

Photoshoots and video sessions with beautiful babies are the norm around here. They make the job of presenting ideas and selling concepts to our clients always eventful, exciting and incredibly rewarding.

Model Shop Team

Credited as being able to create anything from nearly nothing, the shop team takes simple tools and materials, along with a fair dose of powerful equipment, and crafts production-quality prototypes from nearly thin air.

Making It All Run Smoothly Teams

Human resources, financial services, information technology, administrative and facility maintenance support teams keep us all grounded and operating smoothly.